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Late Registration Instructions:

Open registration is over and the player registration link is no longer active. In order to receive approval for late registration please email with the information requested below.

Almost all teams are now full, so chances of approval are very slim.


1. Player’s name

2. Team player is hoping to register for

3. School player is currently attending

4. Current grade level

5. Skater or goalie

6. The team and level the player is/was playing on this fall or winter (2017-18)


If the player is approved we will send you a link so that you can complete the online registration.  The online registration cost will be $75 for coed teams.  Girls teams stay at $40, but require pre-approval.


Coaches and Volunteers can still register using the appropriate links below.


Players must attend high school in Colorado.  Players on out of state teams that return to a Colorado HS in the spring are eligible. Players must also be enrolled in ALL 9th grade level or higher classes.  Eligibility for HPHL is determined by grade level, not birth date, ability, or size.

Team Placement

Players need to try out for the team their school is affiliated with.  

They are NOT to attend tryouts for multiple teams.

School affiliations are listed on our team page.

Private, online, or home schooled players should use the public school attendance area they live in to find their team affiliation.

Players without a team affiliation will be placed by HPHL.

Many of our Douglas County teams are not able to take players from private schools due to school district policy.  Regis players living in the DCSD area will be affiliated with the Highlands Ranch/BUS team.  All others will be placed by HPHL.

Additional questions - See FAQ's on left side bar or contact HPHL.



Players (coed teams):

  • $40 until 2/15/18.
  • $60 from 2/16/18 through 2/28/18. 
  • As of 3/1 approval from the registrar and division director will be needed in order to sign up.  The cost at that point is $75.
  • No further players will be added after 3/31/2018.

Players (girls teams):

  • $40 until 2/28/18.
  • As of 3/1 approval from the registrar and division director will be needed in order to sign up.  The cost will remain $40. 
  • No further players will be added after 3/31/2018.

Girls opting to play both girls and coed, will be charged at the coed rates.

You will need a credit card to pay online (Visa, Mastercard, or Discover).

ALL online registration fees are NON-refundable.


Coaches, Managers, Club Coordinators:

  • No charge to register with HPHL.


Avalanche Player Pass tickets:

Each player that registers by 2/15/2018 will have an opportunity to receive two free Avalanche tickets along with additional tickets at a reduced rate.  Be sure to enter an accurate email address when registering in order to receive your ticket offer. 



See the left side bar for FAQ's.

Anda Craven

HPHL Administrative Assistant

registration instructions