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HPHL believes that creating a “youth–safe” organization depends on having clear structures and an open and aware culture in place.  This includes implementing youth protection safeguards and ensuring all personnel, players and members feel confident and comfortable speaking out.

All coaches and managers are required to take the SafeSport Training prior to being registered on a team.

You will find the SafeSport Training on the USA Hockey website at  You will need to scroll down to see how to register for the training.

Reporting an Incident

To report a SafeSport incident, click on the link below and use the attached USA Hockey supplied form as a guide and gather the information requested.

Most SafeSport Violations should be managed at the association level with a copy of the final report supplied to the CAHA SafeSport Coordinator so that there is a history of the behavior in the event of repeat behavior by the alleged offender surfaces.

Any SafeSport policy violations where abuse is involved or the law is broken should be reported immediately to law enforcement and the alleged offender suspended from all association activities and interaction with their players. Please provide a report to the CAHA SafeSort Coordinator immediately as well as USA Hockey.

Mandy Narum

HPHL SafeSport Coordinator