HPHL Registration:


Will open mid to late January and run through February.  

You MUST register to become a member of HPHL in order to play on a HPHL team.  Being a part of other HS hockey, such as Cherry Creek Hockey, CPHL, etc does not mean you are member of HPHL.



Usually held the end of February - first week of March. Each team works with HPHL to schedule their own tryout. Depending on player numbers some teams might not hold a tryout.  



MId March through early May.  


Playoff Tournament:

Mid May.



There is a nominal fee to join (register with) HPHL and a more substantial fee paid to the team.  The teams in turn pay a fee to the league which includes ice, officials, playoffs, administration, etc.  Fees paid to the team are determined by the team and will vary from team to team due to number of players, use of sponsors or fundraising, cost of jerseys, etc.


Team Management:

Each team/club has a club coordinator that is in charge of club management.

You can find club coordinator information on your team page.