Link is at the end of step 2 in red.

We do not recommend using Internet Explorer to register as it does not always seem to work.  

Chrome is a good option.

Step One - USA Hockey Registration

  • Have your 2023-2024 USA Hockey number handy.
    • Click here if you have already registered with USA Hockey, but need to look up your number.
    • Click here to register with USA Hockey if you have not already done so this fall or winter.
    • There is a $66 charge to register with USA Hockey.
  • Once you have your USA Hockey confirmation number, return to this site to finish your registration.

Step Two - HPHL Registration

  • You will either need to log into your Sportsengine account or create a new account.  Log in/create account links are in the upper left corner of the page.
    • The account MUST be in a parent's name.  You will not be able to register the account holder as a player.
    • You can register multiple players from your account.
  • Make sure you enter an accurate and valid email address for at least one parent/guardian.  This email will be used for league communication.
  • Be sure to enter the school the player actually attends.
    • If the player is homeschooled, attends an online, private, charter, or open-enrollment school, you will also need to enter the public school attendance area the player lives in.
    • If the school is not listed, look for the "not listed" option at the top of the list.  Checking that will allow you to enter the actual school in the next box.
  • Once registered a team representative will contact you regarding tryouts and required paperwork.
  • Return to this page to complete the final steps after you have submitted the online registration. 

step three - Mandatory Credentials and Paperwork

Players born in 2006 or earlier will need to complete Safe Sport Training prior to being added to a roster.  If this was done during the fall or winter seasons it is still valid and does not need to be redone.  

  • The "Required Core Training" course can be accessed here.  Do not take the Youth Athlete Training courses, as they do not meet this requirement.
  • Be sure to use your USAH confirmation number to log into the MyHockeyHQ Portal on the USAH site.

Each player will need to provide the following to their team manager:

  • First semester grades on school letterhead showing a 2.0 or above (for the semester, not cumulative) and no F’s. Contact the team manager or club coordinator if not currently grade eligible for further instructions.
  • School ID.  The grade report with player's name and school listed can be used as school id as long as it is from the Colorado or Wyoming HS that will be used for team assignment.  If the initial grade report is from a different HS, then a copy of the Colorado or Wyoming HS ID will be needed.