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Frequently Asked Questions


Can I choose which team I play for?

The HPHL aims to promote school pride and sense of community, therefore players play for their school team.  In some cases more than one school is combined to form a team.  You can look at the team listings and find out which team your school is affiliated with.  


Which team should I tryout for?

If you attend a school affiliated with a specific team, you tryout for that team.

If you homeschool, online school or attend an unaffiliated private, charter, or open enrollment school then your team is determined by the public school attendance area you live in.  In some instances the public school team may be unable or not allowed to add outside players (this applies to many of our Douglas County School District teams), in which case HPHL will assign you to another near by team.

If you live in the attendance area of or attend an unaffiliated public school you will be assigned to a near by team by HPHL.


If I play on another school’s CPHL or CHSAA team, can I also play on their HPHL team?

HPHL teams are not related to CPHL and CHSAA teams. You would need to play for the HPHL team that your school is affiliated with.  See “Which team should I try out for?”


Which team do I tryout for if I was cut from the team that my school is affiliated with last year and played on another school’s team?

You would return to the team your school is affiliated with for tryouts.


I live in the area of and attend an unaffiliated school.  I was placed on a team last year.  Where do I play this year? 

You would return to the same team you played for last year. 


What happens if I don’t make my school’s team(s)?

If you are cut from your school’s team(s) HPHL will make every effort to place you on another near by lower level team.  You should NOT attend any further tryouts.


I still have questions, where do I find an answer?

Contact us at