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Information for Coaches

You will find information on the following topics below:

Requirements to coach in the HPHL

Team make up




Penalty rules

Pulling players up 


Hobey Baker awards



In addition to being registered with USA Hockey and HPHL all coaches must complete the following:

1. Current level one or higher CEP.

*          CEP classes are offered through USA Hockey in the fall of each year. 

*          Click here to find classes.

2. Completion of Midget Age Level or new 13U Module. One time requirement.

*          Modules are now available year round.

*          There is a $10- $15 fee to take the module. 

*          Plan to spend about 8-10 hours on the module.

*          Click here to access the online modules.

3. Completion of annual Concussion Awareness Training. Yearly requirement per Colorado state law.

*          There is no charge for the Concussion Training.

*          It takes about 30 minutes to complete the Concussion Awareness Training.

*          Click here for online training.

*          Print out the verification of completion and give it to your team’s manager.

4. USAH registration for background check. $30 fee.  Good for two seasons.

*          Click here to register for a background screen.

5. SafeSport training. Yearly requirement.

*          Click here for SafeSport Training.

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Must have a minimum of 13 skaters and 1 goalie per team. If fielding a team with less than minimum numbers a waiver will need to be filed.  A team can have up to 30 players on the roster.  No more than 20 players can dress and be on the bench for a game.  Of the 20, no more than 18 can be skaters.  No more than 4 staff members (all of which must be credentialed and registered as coaches) can be on the bench for a game.

AAA players (with the exception of those in 9th grade) and  Junior players are not eligible for JV teams.  All other players, regardless of year in school are able to play on a JV team.  

We suggest rostering a smaller top level team and then pulling players up from a second/lower team, if your club has one, as needed. Once a player has played in 4 higher level games they are no longer eligible to return to the lower level team. 

HPHL forms it’s teams around schools and school boundaries, so prior to telling a player from another school that he can play for you, please check with the league.

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Each team has a certain number of hours for ice touches allowed.  It is up to the team how to use that ice.  It can be used for tryouts, practices, and/or non-league games.  If you plan to hold tryouts, your team manager will need to work with the scheduler to select times and dates.  Anyone that plans to be on the ice MUST be registered with USA Hockey as either a player or coach.  Volunteers, even if registered, are not allowed on the ice.  

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If teams wish to have more ice touches than the 6/team that will be provided by HPHL, they can schedule and pay for those directly with the rinks.

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Varsity games – three 17 minute periods, with an ice make between the second and third period.

JV games – three 15 minute periods, no ice make during game.

Girls’ games – three 15 minute periods, no ice make during game.

All start of game warm ups are 5 minutes.  There is no additional warm up prior to the third period for varsity.

Intermissions will be timed.

HPHL has a six goal mercy rule in the third period.  If there is a six or greater goal differential during the third period, the clock should go to run time.  If and when the goal differential drops below six goals the clock reverts to stop time.

If there is a 6 goal lead at the end of the 2nd period of a varsity game as long as both coaches are in agreement the ice make between the 2nd and 3rd period can be cancelled.

All regular season games are subject to a curfew.  When clock time remaining is equal to remaining scheduled game time the clock should go to run time. 

5 minute stop time 3 v 3 sudden death OT, time permitting if game is tied at end of regulation. If still tied at end of OT, game ends in a tie. No shoot outs during the regular season.

A team wishing to cancel or reschedule a game MUST notify the schduler at least two weeks prior to the game in question.  There is a $775 fine for refusal to play a game. Teams refusing to play a game will be ineligible for playoffs.

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Fighting game misconducts assessed under Rule 615 a, or d result in a one game suspension plus a $200 team fine. Fighting game misconducts under 615 f results in a 3 game suspension (per USAH rules) and $200 team fine.

Abuse game misconducts assessed under Rule 601 d and e also result in a one game suspension and a $200 team fine if a player is assessed the penalty; 1 game suspension, but no fine if a coach is assessed the game misconduct.  HPHL can NOT overturn penalties called by the officials or suspensions issued by CAHA.

601 e 3 is an automatic match penalty per USAH rules.  No fine associated with the match penalty.

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Players can be pulled up to play in higher level games.  Once a player has played in their fourth higher level game, they are no longer eligible for the lower level team.  This only applies to clubs that are fielding more than one team, as skaters cannot be borrowed from other clubs.  Skaters are not allowed to play any games on a lower team than the one they are rostered on.

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Lower level goalies can be pulled up as a back up goalie for a higher level  game.  These games do not count against the goalies eligibility with the lower level team unless he/she actually plays in the game.  Once they play in their fourth higher level game, they can no longer return to the lower team. 

A higher level team’s goalie is allowed to sit on the bench as back up for a lower tier game, but is NOT allowed in the game unless the lower tier goaltender is unable to continue.

In the event that a team has NO goaltenders available for a game, the team must request permission and obtain approval from the league to use an emergency replacement goalie.  This must be another goalie currently registered with HPHL. 

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HPHL participates in the Avalanche Hobey Baker Award program each year.  Each club with a varsity team, that has not already selected a player through their CHSAA team,  and each girls' team is asked to select one player (a senior) to receive this award.  This is not a MVP award, rather a character award.  It should go to the “best person” on the team.  The selected players will be honored at an Avalanche game (typically in late March or early April) and if submitted prior to the designated deadline will also receive a plaque.  More information will be coming from the Avalanche in early March.

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CAHA Coaching Code of Ethics


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