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Manager/Club Coordinator Information

Get Ready for the 2018 Season!



- hold an informational  meeting with your prospective players and families if you have not done so already.

- continue to remind players to register for HPHL.

- begin collecting fees (the informational meeting is a good time to collect, as are tryouts).  It is strongly encouraged to collect $200 per player extra in case the player is assessed a team fine during the season.  This can be refunded or shredded at the end of the season if it is not used.

- deduct scholarship credits from player fees as this information is made available to you.

- begin collecting credentials** from players, coaches, managers.  Keep all of your paperwork together in a notebook.  It will need to be checked by your division director.

- hold tryouts.

-keep the league posted if you foresee an over abundance or lack of goalies for your team(s).

- keep the league posted on your plans regarding fielding multiple teams or releasing extra players to aother team.  You will need to declare the number of teams you will field by 3/1.


You can find everything you need to know about credentials on the credential page.

Other useful documents and forms are below.

Scorekeeping Information

Detailed scorekeeping information can be found on the scorekeeper pages.  Managers should direct their scorekeepers to familiarize themselves with all of the information there.


Below is a downloadable blank scoresheet.  Player names need to be written in if using this version.  


HPHL will pay for security on an as needed basis.  Team managers or Club Coordinators can request approval for security at select games from their Division Directors.  Once approved, they (the TM or CC) can schedule a security officer.  See below for security officer job expectations.