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Anyone scoring games for HPHL must familiarize themselves with the material in this section.  This includes reading the "Scoring HPHL Games on SportsEngine" document all of the information under the different tabs below.

Scoring options with SportsEngine include: a laptop (with or without wifi), or paper.  The video tutorials cover each of these methods.

Please read the Sports Engine How To's document below prior to scoring HPHL games.

Here are some key points:

  • Always use a back up paper score sheet even if scoring live. This must be kept with the team until the end of the season.
  • Do NOT use the "Select All" feature to select players.
  • Coaches on the bench must also be selected and the HC identified. 
  • Identify any "substitute" or "pulled up" players with an "S" after their name.
  • HPHL uses USAH High School Rules which include tag up offsides and icing the puck when short handed.
  • List the name or # of at least one official in game details or game notes.
  • Indicate goalie changes on the gamesheet. Count and enter shots for each goalie.
  • The only penalty options that should be used for game suspensions are Game Misconduct (10:00) and Match Penalty (10:00).
  • Do NOT use Game Ejection, Game Penalty or any of the zero minute penalties.
  • Review, count and verify penalty information with official at end of game.
  • Add additional game misconducts as needed - 4 penalties in game to same player; 12 penalties to same team, 2 major penalties to same person, etc.
  • Document any suspensions being served or other additional information in Game Notes.
  • Games must be posted within 24 hours of game completion.

Below is a downloadable blank scoresheet.  Player names need to be written in if using this version.  Although the home team manager should provide the paper game sheet it might be a good idea to have a blank one with you just in case.

USAH Rule Book 2021-2025

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