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Anyone scoring games for HPHL must familiarize themselves with the material in this section.  

All games must be scored live using an iPad.

We are no longer allowing games to be scored on paper only and entered at a later date, as officials and coaches must sign off on Game Sheets.

Here are some key points:

  • All Players will default to being "unselected" beginning the 2024 season.  
  • There should NEVER be more than 20 active players including goalies on the game sheet. You may have 18 skaters and 2 goalies.
  • Coaches on the bench must also be marked as needed. If one of your coaches is not present, change them for coaching status to "away"
  • If checking a player or coach as "suspended" for the game one will need to also add in which suspension this is out of how many.  For instance serving 1st of 1 games or 2nd of 3 games, etc.
  • Players pulled up from lower teams or borrowed goalies need to be added as an "affiliated player" "for this game only".  They should be added in this manner each time they are pulled up. Do not add them permanently. 
  • The head coach from each team will need to sign on the iPad prior to the game indicating he/she has reviewed the accuracy of the roster.
  • Indicate goalie changes on the Gamesheet. Shots are added as they are taken so as long as the goalie change is recorded accurately the shots for each goalie should be correct.
  • Review, count and verify penalty information with official at end of game.
  • Add additional game misconducts as needed - 4 penalties in game to same player; 12 penalties to same team, 2 major penalties to same person, etc.
  • The official will need to sign off on Game Sheet indicating they have verified accuracy of the game data.
  • Document any suspensions being served or other additional information in Game Notes as well.
  • Remember to upload the game after the referee signs off on the game.
  • Below is a downloadable blank scoresheet if needed for notes, etc.

USAH Rule Book 2021-2025