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Honoring our High Plains Seniors: Tier III - Part 2

05/23/2020, 12:00pm MDT
By Scott Cattelino

We continue our coverage honoring our Tier III High Plains graduate with the second portion of our Tier III Seniors.

High Plains Tier III Senior Tyler Coisman graduates from Ralston Valley this spring and will attend Metro State.

     The 2020 High Plains hockey season is one that we will never forget, unfortunately for all the wrong reasons.  Although we didn't get the chance to take the ice and enjoy the comradery of our friends, teammates, and coaches, we would like to take a moment to recognize and honor our High Plains Hockey League Seniors for their accomplishments and the culmination of their amazing high school careers.

     We at High Plains would like to extend our apologies for the heartbreak that you all have had to endure during your final days of high school.  We know it was not the ending that you had hoped for, but we are also here to applaud your courage and resiliency during these harsh and uncertain times.

     I wish there were some words of wisdom or enlightenment that I could bestow upon you Seniors to ease the frustration as you close this chapter of your lives in such an ominous manner, but the truth is none of us have been here before.  

     The class of 2020 has overcome something that we have never been through during our lifetimes, and that will only make you stronger.  The perseverance and determination to overcome that you all have displayed is inspiring and we have taken notice, so thank you.  Thank you for your strength.  Thank you for your resolve.  Thank you for showing us all the same conviction and persistence that we saw from you on the ice during your careers.  And thank you for making High Plains the fun and amazing league that it is because of all of you.

     This time we will take a moment to honor the second half of our Tier III Seniors. We have 40 Tier III Seniors graduating from nine different teams this spring. Thank you all for your efforts and good luck as you move on to your next adventure.

High Plains Tier III Graduating Seniors - Part 2

TJ Mcleod - Northern Alliance

High School: ​​​​​​Legacy High School

Position: Center

Favorite hockey player and team? Alexander Ovechkin, Washington Capitals

What’s your favorite thing about hockey? All the bonds that you make with different people and the work it takes to win.

Why do you like playing High Plains hockey? High plains still gives an option to play with the friends you have during the offseason.

What are your future plans? Play junior hockey for a year or two more to gain scholarships for college hockey.

Tyler Coisman - Ralston Valley 

High School: Ralston Valley High School

Position: Defense

Favorite hockey player and team? T.J. Oshie Washington Capitals

What do you like best about playing hockey? I like meeting new friends and I like to win.

Why do you like playing High Plains Hockey? It gives me something to do and I get to play with my friends.

What are your future plans? MSU Club Hockey.

Sierra Dennis - Ralston Valley

High School: ​​​​​​Jeffco Virtual Academy

Position: Goalie

Favorite hockey player and team? Carter Hart and the Colorado Avalanche.

What’s your favorite thing about hockey? The competition and playing with my teammates.

Why do you like playing High Plains hockey? It's a lot of fun to get on the ice with the boys and mess around after the regular season.

What are your future plans? I am going to attend Wester New England University to play D-3 hockey and study mechanical engineering.

Jesse Kittay - ThunderRidge

High School: ​​​​​​ThunderRidge High School

Position: Defense

Favorite hockey player and team? Avalanche, Cale Makar

What’s your favorite thing about hockey? The life long brothers made along the way.

Why do you like playing High Plains hockey? It’s a fun league and it’s nice to play in something more relaxed after my club season. 

What are your future plans? Either attend CU Boulder majoring in molecular cellular developmental biology or play Juniors for a year.

Alex "Austin" Vargo - ThuderRidge

High School: ThunderRidge

Position: Center (forward)

Favorite hockey player and team? Auston Matthews. Toronto Maple Leafs

What do you like best about playing hockey? You are allowed to hit people.

Why do you like playing High Plains Hockey? teammates

What are your future plans?  Leeds Business school - running more businesses (already has one)/Investing.

Chris Francis - Warrior Ice Cats

High School: Nederland Middle Senior High School

Position: Forward

Favorite hockey player and team? Nathan Mackinnon, Colorado Avalanche

What do you like best about playing hockey? Everything

Why do you like playing High Plains Hockey? It’s more hockey

What are your future plans? Possibly club hockey for Western Colorado state University.

Alexander Ossorio - Warrior Ice Cats

High School: ​​​​​​Centaurus

Position: Defense

Favorite hockey player and team? Ryan Graves, Cale Makar, Nakita Zadorov, Colorado Avalanche.

What’s your favorite thing about hockey? The contact, the competitiveness, the feel of the ice and the puck.

Why do you like playing High Plains hockey? For fun.

What are your future plans? Either going to college at CMU or Metro, hopefully playing with either team and to study criminal investigation or nursing.

Max Novy - Warrior Ice Cats

High School: ​​​​​​Centaurus

Position: Defense

Favorite hockey player and team? Cale Makar, Colorado Avalanche

What’s your favorite thing about hockey? The friends and the experiences. 

Why do you like playing High Plains hockey? It's about fun and enjoying the sport.

What are your future plans? I'm going to Colorado Mesa University and will ride on their downhill mountain bike team.

Mountian Vista's defenseman Cole Thomson is one of five graduates from the Eagles' Tier III squad.

Honoring our remaining Tier III Seniors

Name                       Team                      School

Aidan Boyd           Cherokee Trail                Home Schooled

Cody Fairbanks    Cherokee Trail             Grandview 

Jacob Fuhlhage    Cherokee Trail                 Smoky Hill

Eric Greene          Cherokee Trail           Cherokee Trail

Joseph Bright      Fort Collins/Poudre             Fort Collins

Stryder Kettner   Fort Collins/Poudre          Poudre

Roman Perincheril      Fairview                      Peak to Peak

Mark Bellavance    Mountain Militia             Summit

Nicholas Denesik   Mountain Militia            Telluride

Dylan Webster       Mountain Militia           Roaring Fork

Anthony Diehl        Mountain Vista          Mountain Vista

Grant McGrath        Mountain Vista          Mountain Vista

Cole Thomson        Mountain Vista          Mountain Vista

Connor Gelman     Northern Alliance        Standley Lake

Austin Letterly       Northern Alliance        Standley Lake

Imaad Siddique      Northern Alliance        Standley Lake

Jacob Vermeer       Northern Alliance        Standley Lake

Ryan Loftus             Warrior Ice Cats           Centaurus

Evan Storm              Warrior Ice Cats           Centaurus

Ethan Thorne           Warrior Ice Cats           Centaurus


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